Ejection Costs Yankees’ CC Sabathia $500K Bonus


The Buddha once said, “we will not be punished FOR our anger, we will be punished BY our anger.

And never was that better illustrated than Wednesday night when New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was ejected for hitting Jesus Sucre on a leg in retaliation for Tampa Bay reliever Andrew Kittredge throwing an inside pitch at Austin Romine.

And while he wasn’t fined by the league or suspended by the team, he is out half a million bucks as a result.

See, turns out Sabathia had thrown 55 pitches and the five innings raised his season total to 153—just two shy of a $500,000 performance bonus in his contract for reaching 155 innings.

The 38-year-old basically missed out on pitching two more innings that would have been worth a quarter of a million bucks each.

Instead, he’ll have to scrape by with the $10-million base salary in his one-year contract—plus some post-season bonus coin.

Source: CBS Sports

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