Good News: Woman Finds Kidney Donor After Posting Sign On Car


A California woman who spent years searching for a kidney donor finally found one after placing an ad on the back of her car. Teri Sampson has a rare genetic disorder and rare B-negative blood type, so it was especially tough for her to find a compatible kidney because only 2% of the population matches her blood type. So in desperation, she put her info on her car and boy did it pay off.

Susan Fox saw the sign on Sampson’s car while on a Costco run. She happens to be one of those 2% of Americans who have B-negative blood type and says something she calls the “Holy Spirit” moved her to really consider the idea of being the desperately needed donor. She decided to be tested and was found to be a match for Sampson.

The transplant has now happened and was a success, Sampson’s prognosis is good. And the women who were strangers before the live-saving surgery, have finally had the chance to meet. Sampson says she doesn’t think thank you will ever be enough for the person who saved her life, but she’s now got a new sign on her car. It reads: “I love my kidney donor and thank you.”

Source: WTVR

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