Seahawks Thomas Flips The Bird As He’s Carted Off With Broken Leg

You can add another legendary ET who will be remembered for using a finger when he left his friends.

Only this time it wasn’t a loveable alien flying away after touching his finger to his friend’s nose.

This was an angry non-flying Seahawk, Earl Thomas, who showed exactly why players hold out, using whatever leverage they have to get as much money as they can.

Because he ended his season and I am guessing his career as a Seahawk yesterday when he was carted off the field yesterday with a broken leg.

And, as he left the field, well he had a different finger to wave at Seattle fans.

Can’t really blame the Seahawks safety, who held out through the summer, hoping to get a better contract from the team. It wasn’t unreasonable. Thomas has played at a Hall-of-Fame level for the team during an unprecedented run of success for the Seahawks.

Thomas ended his holdout and played when the Seahawks wouldn’t relent. And he ended up leaving Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals on the injury cart.

And he did it playing his heart out for a team that wouldn’t pay him—injuring himself coming over to cover a touchdown by Cardinals receiver Chad Thomas.

It was later revealed Thomas had a fractured lower left leg.

And, considering this may very well be the end of his entire career—a broken heart.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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