NFL Suspends Mychal Kendricks Indefinitely

Seattle may have signed linebacker Mychal Kendricks after he was released by the Browns after being charged with insider trading, but he won’t be playing for them either.

At least not in the foreseeable future after the NFL suspended Kendricks indefinitely as a result of his recent guilty plea to those charges.

Indefinite suspensions are rare, but not as rare as an NFL player pleading guilty to insider trading. Most of the time, when a player is suspended, there’s a clearly defined length of the suspension and the player knows when he’ll be allowed to return. The complexity of this case apparently made the NFL decide to take its time in determining Kendricks’ future.

And while they are doing that, Kendricks can concern himself with something else that isn’t definite—whether he will be going to jail in January for said trading.

It’s unclear how long Kendricks will be behind bars, but if prison forces him to miss a season or more, it could be hard for him to get a second chance when he gets out. At age 28, he could be done in the NFL.

Guess he can make money in his new job—day trading from home—while wearing an ankle monitor.

Source: NBC Sports

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