Good News: Soldier Uses Money Raised For Him To Pay It Forward

When Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina last month, Army medic Luis Ocampo left his Charlotte home and headed to New Bern with his unit to help with hurricane relief. But while he was away serving others, his home was broken into and some of his family’s most cherished possessions were taken.

A friend set up a GoFundMe page to help Ocampo, his girlfriend Kailey Finch, and their infant son get back on their feet and replace their losses and donations started pouring in. In just 11 days, the fundraiser blew past the goal of $5,000 and raised close to $15,000. The couple say it was overwhelming and way more than they needed and then they asked for the donations to be shut down, so they didn’t “abuse anyone’s generosity.”

But people kept giving and so Ocampo and Finch have decided to pay the generosity forward and have started redirecting their donations. The couple is sending money to the Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Fund and helping a fellow soldier who’s living in a hotel after the hurricane destroyed his home. “We got more than we expected,” Ocampo says, “And felt that it was our responsibility to show someone that same kindness that so many showed us.”

Source: People

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