Kyrie Irving Tells Fans, Celtics He Wants To Re-Sign With Boston

So much for all the talk about Kyrie Irving as a free agent next year.

Because to hear him talk, he is staying put.

Irving told Boston Celtics fans at an event yesterday that he is planning on re-signing with the Celtics next year.

Additionally, reports say that Irving has already verbally committed to remaining with the team to the team’s owners.

And this has to be music to the ears of Celtics fans as it was just four months ago that Irving said he was not considering an extension with the team.

Now that seems like it was more of an indication of his attempt to maximize financial earnings rather than his desire to leave. Irving is making around $20-million this season and has a player option for next year that he is likely to decline in order to sign a lengthy contract as a free agent.

Of course, their neighbors to the South, in the Big Apple, may not be as thrilled to hear this news.

Because they felt they were a strong contender to get Irving.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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