Report: LeBron Beefs Up Security At L.A. Home Following Burglaries

Whether LeBron James is the King of L.A. or not may be up for debate in NBA circles but one thing he is not leaving up to question is the security around his castle.

Which is why after a spate of burglaries at celebrity homes in the Los Angeles area where his wife Savannah and children currently living, the Lakers superstar has significantly beefed up security, reportedly adding 10 armed security personnel—which is said to even include off-duty police officers—to the staff.

A report this week indicates that James, among other celebrities, including Matt Damon and Viola Davis, were on an alleged hit list of burglars who allegedly were behind the burglaries of the homes of Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig and Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods.

Look at that, LeBron has barely been in tinsel town a few months and he’s already being spoken about in the same breath as some huge actors.

Source: TMZ

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