Good News: Good Samaritan Saves Man From Capsized Boat


Kevin Sweeney was out on his boat off the coast of Salem, Massachusetts when his boat capsized. He called for help but spent more than two hours in the water waiting for help.

Thankfully, Jeff Chandonait was on his tow boat when he heard the mayday call for a capsized boat. He was already out answering another call at the time, but he says if he wasn’t on that call and in that area at the time, he may never have found Sweeny because the coordinates were way off from his actual location. And after spending hours in the cold water, a shivering Sweeney was picked up by Jeff at about 8:30 p.m.

“These things, you hear them happen and there is so much tragedy in the world,” the rescuer says. “It is good to see this has a good ending sometimes.”

Source: CBS Boston

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