Good News: Toddler Gets Life-Saving New Liver And Kidney


Life started off with a challenge for Lilah Joiner because she was born with a rare genetic disorder called autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease, which causes cysts to develop in the kidneys and can cause other organs to fail. The little girl spent two years on dialysis before being placed on a transplant list and doctors warned her family she needed a new kidney and liver soon.

Little Lilah’s family started searching for living donors for their daughter and they got lucky. Joseph Smith is married to Lilah’s mom’s best friend and he was found to be a match for her liver and family friend Missy Lathem was able to donate a kidney to the girl. So just before her third birthday, Lilah got the two best presents in the world, life-saving organs.

The family is incredibly grateful for the generosity of their loved ones who were willing and able to help Lilah. As for the tot, her mom says she’s loving life now and that she’s “so excited to get to eat pizza now.”

Source: The Week

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