Cop Saves Dog With Overdose Reversal Drug Narcan


An Ohio dog is alive and well today after having an adverse reaction to anesthesia and getting the overdose reversal drug naloxone, known as Narcan. Trooper, a Doberman pinscher, was at the vet to be neutered when he had a severe reaction, which was an “opioid emergency,” according to a news release by the Austintown Police Department.

Sergeant Rick John responded to the call from the clinic and an effective dose of Narcan was given to Trooper. It reversed the effects of the anesthesia and helped revive him. The police department says, “Within seconds the Narcan worked.”

Police Chief Robert Gavalier says his officers have used Narcan to save “a lot of human lives,” but this is the first time they’ve used it on a dog. Now the vet plans to stock the drug in case they ever need it again.

Source: The Youngstown Vindicator

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