Grandma Gets 16 Tattoos After Husband Dies


A super cool great-grandmother, Glenys “The Menace” Coope, has saved up almost $3-grand from her pension plan to get 16 tattoos over a period of a few months. Why now? Well, she got herself tatted up after the death of her husband, who disapproved of her tattoos.

The tattoo-loving grandma actually got her first set back in the 1960s, but since her husband didn’t like the idea she ended up getting them surgically removed later on. Now, she’s revisiting her love of tattoos by getting them done every few months on her arms, chest and back. She even got one in tribute to her late husband – a heart right on her chest.

The tattoos have not only re-kindled her love of the body art, but it’s been a way for her to get through the grieving process. “I’m proud of them and I like them,” she says. “I’d tell anyone thinking about getting one to go ahead and get one, it doesn’t matter what other people think.”

Source: Mirror

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