People Paying Money For Torture And Victim “Experiences”

There’s a reason that movies like “Saw” and “Hostel” are called “torture porn.” Some people are actually shelling out cash at haunted-house like shows offering customers a “torture experience.” Participants will be waterboarded, electrocuted, even have “used” tampons shoved in their mouths… all on their own dollar.

The Victim Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada advertises “extreme simulated death scenarios,” including the use of electricity, drowning and suffocation to give customers a good scare. Another “haunt,” Blackout, is as dark as the name suggests, making guests watch simulated sex shows in a dark “rape dungeon,” or walk over a floor covered in “used” condoms. The experience is apparently partially influenced by a scene from “Silence of the Lambs” where Jodie Foster’s character hunts down the serial killer in complete darkness.

Many of these places make guests sign a waiver before taking part in the experience. So every guest is complicit, most using a safe word so they can stop the show at any time. Apparently, resisting or trying to escape is also prohibited, which makes for a scarier experience but also means that the show will be ended immediately if you do.

Source: The Sun

Keith and Tony


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