Report: Jimmy Butler Calls Players-Only Meeting

After Jimmy Butler went off on his teammates on Wednesday, the Minnesota Timberwolves must have felt one day of “fireworks” were enough—as the team cancelled practice yesterday.

But that doesn’t mean Butler wasn’t back in the building airing something else out—his grievances.

The All-Star Butler called a players-only meeting yesterday to let his teammates know a few things—making sure that his teammates knew his problem was with management and that he would compete with them, especially considering signs pointing to him staying with the franchise into the regular season.

Sources say that several players spoke up in the meeting, but that Butler let it also be known that it was his team as long as he was there as he is far too competitive to sit real games.

May not have been as aggressive as Wednesday, but is seems like Butler once again put Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins in their place—behind him in the pecking order.

Source: NBC Sports

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