Women Getting Are “Sonogram Manicures”

By now, you’ve probably seen your fair share of gender reveal party moments. But now there’s a new way to show off that you’re expecting. More and more moms have been getting mini-sonograms painted onto their nails.

Photos have surfaced on Instagrams of women showing off their sonogram-painted fingernails, some of which look strikingly similar to the real thing. While some have been using the unique manicures as a way to celebrate their pregnancy, others have used it as a way to cope with the loss of their little one. One Instagram user Sara did her own nails with an early ultrasound photo painted onto one, as a way to cope with a miscarriage she suffered in 2017.

And if you’re wondering if spending time in a nail salon is even okay for a pregnant woman to do, don’t worry, there are options. Co-founder of Tenoverten non-toxic salons Nadine Abramacyk assures that it’s all about where you get them done. “It matters less what products you’re using and more about the safety of the environment at the salon that you’re choosing,” she says.

Source: People

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