Couple Married At Airport During Hurricane Michael


Hurricane Michael couldn’t stop Lorri and Jim Beary from tying the knot on their specially-picked wedding date. On what the groom described as “the 10th day of the 10th year of the 10th month that I had fallen in love with her,” the two said “I do” in a slightly different venue than they had originally planned.

After the storm hit and changed their plans to exchange vows at a courthouse in Leon County, they decided to make things official at the only place they could at the time: the Jacksonville International Airport. “At the house, when he told me that the courthouse was closing, yes, I freaked and he calmed me down,” Lorri recalls. “Then he started giving numbers to me of notaries in the area."

They finally connected with their officiant, Selecia Young-Jones, who agreed to meet them at the airport. So, they had a brief ceremony, witnessed by a bunch of strangers – and the couple says they wouldn’t have it any other way. “This just fits,” Lorri continues. “Flee a hurricane, come get married in the atrium in Jacksonville at the airport.”

The airport congratulated the couple on Facebook, posting a few pictures along with their wishes.  Check it out HERE.

Source: Fox News

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