Vin Scully Turns Down Invite To Return To Booth For NLCS

Despite Joe Buck’s best efforts to lure him back into the broadcasting booth, Vin Scully is staying happily retired.

This after Saturday’s NLCS Game 2 between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers when Buck said on the air that he was hoping Scully might join him in the booth when the series returned to Dodger Stadium last night. On Sunday, Scully responded to the overture.

“I don’t want to just take a bow,” said the 90-year-old sportscasting legend. “I just don’t feel right doing that.

“It’s not false modesty. I just think I don’t belong there,” Scully continued. “Those fellows have been broadcasting all year. I don’t want to get into their spotlight in any way, shape, or form. I think they’re doing a wonderful job.”

Shame he didn’t.

I mean Scully’s incredible play calling may have made that terrible loss a little more enjoyable.

Not much—but a little.

Scully retired from broadcasting upon the conclusion of the 2016 season after an unparalleled 67-year career of calling Dodger games. As for Buck, who worked with FOX broadcast partner John Smoltz for the last three seasons, he has made similar offers in the past, inviting Scully to come out of retirement to share the booth with him during All-Star games and the World Series.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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