Oregon Man Saves Kitten Glued To A Road

A tiny kitten callously glued to a road now has a new life thanks to Chuck Hawley.

Hawley, who knows a little about good works from working at the Salvation Army, shared a life saving deed he performed last week. The Facebook post explains that he was driving down a road last week when he sees a black “thing” in the road. A box maybe? No one is hitting it, but it’s between car tire after car tire.

Then Hawley realized it was a kitten! He stopped his vehicle, put the hazard lights on and discovered the poor thing had been glued to the road. The charity worker had some choice words we can’t share about the person that glued the kitty, but he got her safely home, gave it a bath and now has a new best friend.

The shocking thing he shared was that not one other person had stopped to help the shaking and defenseless fur baby. Sticky’s new family is so overwhelmed by the support that they’ve started a Facebook page for her updates. Sticky, by the way, was only five weeks old when Hawley rescued her.

Kudos to Chuck for being a true champion and good guy. How can we not say “aww!”

Source: Chuck Hawley Facebook

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