Steelers Still Don't Know When Le'Veon Bell Will Return To Team


You know how it seems like every Monday we tell you that this is the week Le'Veon Bell is returning, or setting a date for his return?

Yeah well in case you haven’t figured it out yet—and if you have, why didn’t someone tell us—no one has any idea when he is returning.

Especially the team that currently owns the rights to Bell as the Steelers had not heard anything from the running back and as of yesterday they still don't know when he will return.

The latest rumor is that—for all his talk—“El Bell”does not want to be traded so he is now waiting until after the NFL's October 30th trade deadline to return to work.

And really what better day to return to work than October 31st to a fan base that is sick of his shenanigans—on a day that is famous for hearing countless “boo’s”

Source: ESPN

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