Chris Hemsworth Picks Up Hitchhiker In A Chopper

Being offered a ride by a celebrity would be exciting enough on its own, but Chris Hemsworth just took it to the next level. He gave a hitchhiker in Brisbane, Australia quite a surprise after picking him up… in his helicopter.

The actor took to Instagram over the weekend to post a video of the whole thing. He and his friend Luke Zocchi are shown pulling over after spotting the hitchhiker, American musician Scott Hildebrand, on the side of the road, offering him a ride. Zocchi adds, “Little does he know we’re getting a chopper."

After they surprise him with the news that he’s getting a literal “lift,” the clip soon cuts to a shot of Hildebrand in the helicopter with his guitar. Talking to E! News about the experience, the musician said it was “so cool and unexpected.” “They’re so nice," Hildebrand notes. "And I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

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