Student Carries Books In Microwave After School Bans Bags


After his school started enforcing a ban on carrying large bags to classes, 17-year-old Jacob Ford felt the need to take a stand against the “ridiculous” rule. He ended up getting suspended for two days after his “silent protest” where he carried his stuff in unorthodox carriers like a wicker basket and a microwave.

The brave student penned a 3,000-word “document of defense” explaining his thoughts on the ban, “Bags In Sixth Form – My Thoughts On A Potential Solution,” which he gave to school officials. He says that while he understands the concerns around “health and safety” that led up to the ban, he thinks that a better solution could have been reached. Why? He says that forcing students to pay for a new bag that fits the new policy is “outrageous” and in many ways is threat to students’ health and learning experience.

“With most issues money is going to be involved, this case being no exception to that rule,” he wrote. “Especially this close to the start of the academic year, when many students have recently paid for new rucksacks, not knowing of the rule changes.”

Source: Mirror

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