Lakers Fan Hits $30K Shot Then “Blocked” By LeBron


There are few experiences more thrilling for a fan than making an impossible shot for a boatload of money in front of a sold out crowd. And sometimes, the actual professional basketball players will take notice and offer their congratulations.

But you have to pick your spots and know the situation.

Before the fourth quarter of Monday’s game between the Spurs and Lakers, a fan attempted a half-court shot for $30,000. He drilled the shot and was understandably pumped. He just overestimated how pumped the actual Lakers players would be for him.

As this fan broke into celebration mode, he made his way to the Lakers bench expecting a high-five from LeBron James. He was promptly denied.

At the time, the game was heading into the fourth quarter with the Lakers down three points. They had other things to worry about—like, trying to avoid an 0-3 start.

They did not—falling in overtime by one point 143-142

Hey, LeBron may be 0-3 but at least it’s nice to know he makes about 30,000 bucks every shot whether he hits it or not.

Source: USA Today

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