Browns, Broncos Flexed Into Week 15 Primetime


You know how when teams are really good, the NFL will reward them by “flexing” them into a prime time game.

Yeah, well apparently when you are really bad—or in the case of these teams, extremely disappointing—Roger Goodell will punish you with a Saturday game in mid-December.

You know, the same time you have about two-dozen more exciting and competitive College Football options.

Which is why come Week 15, the New York Jets will host the Houston Texans on Saturday, December 15th at 4:30 PM ET on NFL Network then at 8:20 PM ET, on the same NFL Network, the Denver Broncos will host the Cleveland Browns.

The following week, it will be the Tennessee Titans hosting the Washington Redskins on Saturday, December 22 at 4:30 PM and then—finally a pair of teams that currently are over .500—the Los Angeles Chargers host the Baltimore Ravens at 8:20 PM also both on NFL Network.

Ahhh—nothing puts you in that Christmas Spirit more than watching a Chargers game being played in San Diego, in a stadium that is completely purple with Ravens jerseys.

Maybe the NFL is actually punishing us.

Source: CBS Sports

Keith and Tony


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