Good News: Dad Makes Lunch Bag Art For His Kids


Lynell Jinks, also known as the “lunch bag art dad,” shows his children how much he cares by making regular brown lunch bags into impressive art. 

Seriously he’s really good! For the past four years, Lynell has been creating brown bag masterpieces drawing characters from “Stranger Things,” “Black Panther,” to "Coming To America.” You might have seen his Barack and Michelle Obama portraits floating around in the internet. 

The former art director for the NBA 2K franchise said once he took on a new role as a Creative Director for WWE 2K19, he missed the “hands-on work.” But now the California dad is using those skills for lunch bag art, plus it’s a cool a way to bond with his kids. Oh and he does save the bags. The only one that has gone missing was an illustration of Raven-Symone.

Source: 60secdocs

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