Rockets Offer T-Wolves Four First-Rounders For Jimmy Butler


Wow, the Houston Rockets aren’t just making a second effort to acquire Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler, they are making a third and fourth effort, too.

Because yesterday ESPN reported that the team made an offer that included four future first-round draft picks.

Houston’s push represents a desire to sacrifice some long-term roster flexibility and go all-in with a legitimate third star to partner with All-NBA guards James Harden and Chris Paul in pursuit of a championship.

And it’s the biggest offer they could make. It turns out there’s an NBA rule that makes four the maximum number of first-round picks allowable in a deal. Yeah, I didn’t know that either because—well—it’s never been offered before.

Can’t imagine this deal isn’t going to get done as—whether they get four picks, one pick, or nothing, they can’t win without Butler right now so why not get all you can.

And I think we just learned four Number 1 picks are all you can get.

Source: ESPN

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