Good News: Australian Cops Save Drowning Kangaroo With CPR


A couple of Australian police officers are being called heroes for diving into some rough waves to save a drowning kangaroo recently. Sergeants Christopher Russo and Kirby Tonkin got called to Safety Beach in Melbourne where the struggling marsupial had been spotted by a beach goer.

The kangaroo was having trouble staying afloat in the raging waters, but Tonkin and Russo immediately rushed to help. They knew the animal was in real danger when they saw foam coming out of its nose, a sign of drowning. They got it to shore and performed CPR until the kangaroo started breathing and they could feel a heartbeat.

The Victoria police officers told Australian news outlets that “every life is worth saving and we just did what we could.” And the kangaroo is reportedly recovering well after the daring rescue.

Source: Good News Network

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