Good News: Boston Red Sox Star Feeds Homeless After World Series Game


The Boston Red Sox secured another World Series win, and while on their road to victory one star player humbly celebrated by feeding homeless. Apparently after winning game two of the 2018 World Series, Mookie Betts was spotted handing out hot meals to the homeless community outside the Boston Public Library. 

Mike Winter, a VIP host for area clubs, said he was leaving Storyville when he saw Betts and his cousin. “I didn't know who they were at first. They had hoodies on,” Winter shared. “Next thing I know, they are laying out trays of food. Then they're walking around all of Boston library where there are tons of homeless and telling people there is food around the corner ... None of the homeless even knew who he was, but they were just grateful for what he was doing. He was incognito just trying to do good."

Source: Sunny Skyz

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