Good News: At 102, She’s Still Inspiring People To Vote


Voting is a right and a civic duty in America, but so many people don’t do it. But one North Carolina woman hopes to set a strong example of exercising your right to vote by casting her ballot at 102 years old.

Marie Smith of Jackson County was born in 1916 and has taken every opportunity she had to head to the polls and this midterm election is no exception. “I always vote,” she says. “That’s what keeps our nation strong.”

So while most of us can’t imagine living to 102, Smith is out there walking in to the polls and encouraging others to do the same, especially young people. “Get out and vote,” she says. “I think we need some change and I think this is going to bring them out.”

You heard Ms. Marie, so get out there and vote.

Source: WLOS

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