Woman Kicked Out Of Fitness Class For Being Pregnant

A mom-to-be from Sydney, Australia is claiming she was kicked out of a fitness class at her gym because she was pregnant. Natalie Hillar, who is six months pregnant, was attending her usual Bodycombat class at Fitness First gym when she says she was “humiliated” in front of the class as the instructor forced her to leave.

The class started as it normally does, with the instructor reading a disclaimer about those who are pregnant or injured needing medical clearance to take the class, which Hillar says she has. But it looks like the instructor was taking the warning a little more seriously this time, as a few minutes into the class she allegedly stopped the music and said, “I don’t know if anyone heard me at the beginning of the class but I don’t teach pregnant people." This apparently happened a few more times until Hillar concluded she was being asked to leave.

A spokesperson for Fitness First seems to defend the incident, calling the instructor's disclaimer and repeated warnings a “professional recommendation” coinciding with the gym’s requirement that instructors warn members against taking part in exercises that may be unsafe. “The class ‘Bodycombat’ is not recommended during pregnancy because of joint instability,” the spokesperson adds.

Source: Daily Mail

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