Akron Olive Garden Server Visits 8-Year-Old Customer Before Brain Surgery


It was a bustling Friday night at the Olive Garden in Akron, Ohio when 23-year-old server Drew Lewis waited on the Gallagher family. He chatted with eight-year-old Tommy, who the server learned was having brain surgery soon to treat his epilepsy.

Tommy and Drew bonded over the meal because Drew is a police cadet and Tommy wants to become a police officer as well and the little boy asked if the server could come to the hospital to see him when he gets out of surgery. Drew agreed and kept his word.

“This kid showed me how to be strong and handle the diversity life throws at you,” Drew writes in a Facebook post. Now the new friends plan to share a meal when Tommy recovers and Drew says he plans on maintaining this relationship, adding, “I want to see Tommy grow.”

Source: Yahoo

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