“Boy Meets World” Actor Jokes About Attempted Break-In

We previously reported that William Daniels, known for his role as Mr. Feeny on “Boy Meets World,” scared away an attempted intruder at his home. It looks like it was no sweat for the actor, since he recently sat down for an interview where he joked about the encounter.

Speaking to ABC News, he jokingly came up with his own recollection of the incident. “I struggled with an intruder. Took him to the ground. I beat him up. And he ran away with bruises all over,” he said. “Would you like to print that? You better not, it’s a total lie.”

On a more serious note, he told the outlet that he and his wife Bonnie Bartlett were asleep when the burglar tried to break in by kicking in a door. “We were asleep and I heard bang, bang, bang,” he continued. “I lit the light and Bonnie screamed and this person fled.”

Source: ABC News

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