Hue Jackson: Browns Would Be Winning By Now If We’d Done It My Way


Days after being fired by the Cleveland Browns, it seems Hue Jackson feels—if he could do it all over again—he wouldn’t work for such a stupid team.

Because he said yesterday that the team could already be successful if only they’d done things his way from the beginning, back in 2016.

“Had we been doing in year one what I was able to get us to do in year three, there’s no question we would already be a winning football team. You can’t go 1-15 or 0-16 and have people like you unless you come out and explain to everyone that you’re going to lose. And you can’t say that publicly,” Jackson said.

What would Jackson have done differently?

Well nooooowwww he says that he wanted to draft Carson Wentz in 2016, or Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes in 2017.

“We passed on three franchise QBs the first two years in Wentz, Watson and Mahomes,” Jackson said. “We played with a QB room with zero wins in the league. We played with street free agents and practice squad players in WRs. Yet our offense was the same or better than what we were doing this year. There is no way that should happen.”

Of course, it’s easy for Jackson to say that now, with the 20/20 hindsight of knowing that Wentz, Watson and Mahomes have all developed into franchise quarterbacks. But Jackson says he’s believed from the beginning that the Browns shouldn’t have waited until year three to find that franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield.

Yeah, can’t wait to see what his plan is for the next team that hired him.

Problem is, we won’t find out that plan until that team fires him too.

Source: NBC Sports

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