Justin Timberlake Pits Jimmy Fallon Against Jessica Biel

Despite being on voice rest, Justin Timberlake still brought down the house on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

JT didn’t say a word the entire time, including while being “interviewed, by bestie Jimmy Fallon. That’s because Fallon took the liberty of recording ready-to-go answers.

The best part of the night was a surprise appearance by Jessica Biel so she could go head to head with the late night host in the “Best Friend Challenge.” Timberlake held up cards with questions and his wife and best friend had to match his answers. Biel nailed the questions about who her husband’s favorite rappers are (Andre 3000 and Mase) and his go to cocktail (a tequila mule).

What made everyone, including Fallon and Biel, lose it was the question “what is my safe word during sex.” Both got the word “pineapple” right! One last question was what number JT was thinking of between one and five thousand. Again, Fallon nailed in with 4297.

We’re guessing everyone wants to know how in the world Jimmy Fallon knows the “Mirrors” singer’s safe word.

As one twitter comment put it perfectly, “Only Justin Timberlake could go on Jimmy Fallon’s @FallonTonight and not say a damn word and we’re all HOOKED.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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