Colorado Woman Makes Big Bucks As A Professional Spooner

A mom from Boulder, Colorado is such a good cuddler, she’s made a career out of it. Kassandra Brown rakes in $26-grand a year spooning strangers, charging $100 per session.

After having her first child, Brown realized how important human touch can be to develop “the mind and regulation of the nervous system.” That’s why she decided to start working for the professional cuddling company Cuddlist in 2016, where clients are offered 90-minute spooning session. She insists that it isn’t sexual, although it is about physical intimacy.

So even though Brown loves the job, she admits that getting that close to strangers on an almost daily basis can get uncomfortable. “It was surprising to me, but cuddling can be physically challenging – it’s possible to get into some oddly uncomfortable positions… pillows are important,” she explains.

Source: Daily Mail

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