Good News: Med Student Meets Boy He Saved With Bone Marrow Donation


When little Owen Allman needed a hero, he found one through the Be the Match program. The now four-year-old boy had an immune system deficiency disease that his mom says could have killed him, but a bone marrow donation saved his life.

Owen found his donor, medical student Steven Marincel, through Be the Match, a bone marrow donor program hosted by Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. All Marincel knew was that Owen was an infant, but the two finally got to meet recently and when they came face-to-face, there were hugs, applause and tears of joy.

Owen and Steven played Legos, read books and hung out and plan to stay in touch now. “Steven is part of our family now,” says Bill Allman, Owen’s dad. “He’s with us every day.”

To find out more about Be the Match, check out their website,

Source: ABC Action News

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