Good News: People Form Protective ‘Rings of Peace’ Around Synagogues


Hundreds of people from different faiths recently gathered together to show their support for the Jewish community after last month’s fatal synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. The crowds stood shoulder-to-shoulder and joined hands to form “rings of peace” around nine Toronto synagogues. 

The event was organized by the National Council of Canadian Muslims, along with several mosques across the city. Farhad Khadim, one of the founding directors of the Islamic Institute of Toronto, told HuffPost Canada, “For everyone on earth, whether you are part of a certain religion or do not practice religion at all, a right to safety is paramount. It could be a mosque or a synagogue or a nightclub. It doesn’t matter. Life is sacred.” 

As you know the Muslim-American community has also shown their solidarity. Last week several groups combined to raise over $200-thousand dollars for the shooting victims and their families.

Source: Good News Network

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