Good News: Veteran Reunited With Support Dog After Accident

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A few weeks ago, Larry Peteet was in a car accident and spent time in the hospital recovering. The Air Force veteran asked his neighbor if he could watch his support dog, Sandy, while he was gone. But when the vet was released from the hospital, he got the devastating news that the neighbor had given the dog to a stranger at a dog park.

Peteet was heartbroken without Sandy, but thankfully the Land O’ Lakes, Florida man didn’t have to wait long to get her back. Local news did a story on the vet and the loss of his four-legged friend and that led the person who had Sandy to reach out. The man was told she had been abandoned and was more than happy to return Sandy to Peteet.

The met met up at a dog park and as soon as the vet saw her in person, he knew that was his girl. Peteet called Sandy’s name and she came running over to greet him. “It’s phenomenal,” he says. “She’s home.”

Source: WFLA

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