Passenger Sits In Dog Poop On Delta Flight


Delta is learning a hard lesson about how to clean up after service dogs.

A passenger is slamming Delta Air Lines after he sat in dog poop on a plane. Matthew Meehan says he noticed an odor when he got on the plane heading from Atlanta to Miami last week, but he never thought it would be dog poop. Meehan said he made his way to his seat, sat down and then noticed the dog poop all over the carpet and on his pants.

He said Delta gave him two paper towels and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin to clean the feces off, but it wasn't enough. Meehan and his seatmate were forced to be in the mess the whole flight.

The airline has since apologized for the incident and said an ill service dog is to blame for the mess. They are re-examining cleaning procedures now.

Source: UPI

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