Woman Says Possessed Doll Attacked Her Boyfriend Out Of Jealousy


A woman from Peru says a possessed doll is the reason her boyfriend broke up with her. According to Berliz, the doll attacked boyfriend out of jealousy – so badly that he ended up leaving.

Berliz first received the doll, named Deisy, from her mother as a Christmas gift. But things started getting creepy after its hair suddenly fell out one day. She says that since then, the doll has moved by itself multiple times and attacked her, her cousin and boyfriend.

The thing is, she’s too scared to throw it away. In an attempt to “balance” out the doll’s negative energy, she got a black cat. She says that a psychic told her that cats are “very sensitive” to this energy, and as luck would have it her cat is often seen hanging out under the doll’s chair. Creepy!

Source: Mirror

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