#GoodNews: Struggling Waitress Gets $500 Tip From Astros Player


It started as a terrible day for Jordan Thompson. The server’s car had been broken into that morning, but she still managed to get to her job as a server at a Houston, Texas restaurant and that turned out to be a game-changer for her.

Jordan’s boss heard about what happened with her car and about a half an hour later, Houston Astros All-Star baseball player Alex Bregman called the restaurant. The pro player was filming a new YouTube series about random acts of kindness during the offseason and wanted to know if any waitresses there were struggling with college tuition or are single moms, and the manager knew exactly who could use a little extra kindness.

Once Bregman heard Jordan’s story, he said he’d be there in 30 minutes. When his party arrived, they ordered iced teas and chatted with the server, before explaining they had to leave quickly and leaving her a $500 tip on the table. When she saw it, she burst into tears, ran outside and hugged Bregman and he told her, “I hope this helps.”

Source: KHOU

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