A Sex Robot Can Be Yours For Less Than $10

With sex robots becoming all the rage, it only makes sense that an app would soon follow – especially because the “real bots” can cost thousands. Enter the 18-and-over app from Realbotix – it’ll run you just under $10…for a three-month subscription. And in case you’re curious, Realbotix is a subsidiary of the sex doll behemoth, RealDoll.

So what do you get? In the app, users can customize the appearance, voice, and personality of your very own virtual sex robot. Hot. The app also lets you “build a relationship” with your new fake friend and even communicate with her as if she were the real deal – without having to buy her dinner and crap like that.

Once you’ve chosen her facial, physical, voice, and clothing options, you can then work on her personality. There are 10 specific traits to interact with, including ultra-flirty, joke-cracking, and so on. Once those basics are set, let the “dating” fun begin. If you’re nice to her, she becomes “more friendly.” She’ll even remember details from previous conversations, which puts her one step ahead of you already (sounds kind of like a Tamagotchi, doesn’t it?).

Right now, the app’s only available on Android, but not in the Google Play Store, which isn’t a surprise at all. To check it out, you can go to realbotix.com and see for yourself. The iOS version’s currently being worked up, and should be available soon.

Oh, and there’s a way to get an actual doll head with the personality you’ve created for a mere $7,999 – should you find yourself grown more than a little fond of her womanly ways…body sold separately (and cost around $10k to start).

Source: The Sun

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