NFL Moves Chiefs-Rams To Los Angeles


We interrupt all of this talk about the devastated land in California to tell you about a ruined patch of land just to the south of it.

Namely, Mexico’s Azteca Stadium, which has been inundated with rain and—as a result—is absolutely wrecked after a Shakira concert that took place a month ago.

Problem is, there was some American entertainment scheduled for there this coming weekend, a Monday night football game between two of the top teams in the NFL—the 9-1 Kansas City Chiefs and 9-1 Los Angeles Rams.

But not anymore after the NFL announced yesterday that the game has officially been moved and the teams are taking their combined 18 wins back to Los Angeles to play at the Memorial Coliseum.

There was an attempt to re-sod the field on Tuesday, but the league consulted with the NFLPA and independent field experts before determining that the field was not up to NFL standards now and would not be ready by gameday.

NFL Executive Vice President of International Mark Waller said in a statement that the field conditions presented an “unnecessary risks to player safety.”

And seems like some other people weighed in on the decision as players from both teams were reportedly considering not playing in the game for that reason.

Source: NBC Sports

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