Alex Smith’s Compound Fracture Will Require 6-8 Month Recovery

Alex Smith‘s lower leg injury was a compound fracture which—as any doctor will tell you—means the bone broke through the skin and—as any lay man will tell you—yuckkkk!

And even yuckier would be what the doctors found when the Washington quarterback underwent surgery Sunday night—a spiral fracture, defined as a long bone broken by a rotational force.

Still, Washington coach Jay Gruden says surgery went well, and the team expects a full recovery—after a 6-8 month rehab.

Hey, I’m just happy those bones are back where they belong, inside his leg.

This is good news for Smith but—in even better news—moments after Washington officially placed Smith on IR Monday and the team signed Mark Sanchez to take his roster spot.

So, his job is secure.

He could probably play better on crutches than his replacement.

Source: NBC Sports

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