#GoodNews: Canadian Couple Spends Vacation Helping Wildfire Victims

Canadian couple Paul and Destinee Klyne were set to go on their vacation in Paradise, California, but the Airbnb they were supposed to stay in burned to the ground from the wildfires shortly before they were to leave. 

But instead of cancelling their trip, the couple decided to go anyway and spend their vacation helping those affected by the wildfire. 

The Klynes went to Chico and used their vacation funds to buy $25 gift cards to pass out to those in need, and they passed out food and provided emotional support to evacuees as well. 

“Especially in the times that we’re in now, with the political climate,” Destinee says, “It’s kind of nice to say, ‘You are our American neighbors and we love you.’”

Source: TravelPulse

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