#GoodNews: Italian IKEA Letting Stray Dogs Sleep On Their Rugs

An IKEA in Catania, Italy is becoming a sort of haven for the city’s population of stray dogs… and because of it, going viral online. Along with some comfy rugs to sleep on, the dogs are also treated to food and plenty of pats on the head by employees and customers alike.

Social media tributes to the store’s good deed started snowballing after one customer posted a video to Facebook of a bunch of tuckered out pooches hanging out on rugs around the store’s furniture displays. “My reaction was pure amazement,” said Martine Taccia, who took the original video. “It’s not a common thing.”

While customers come to shop for furniture, it looks like the dogs really compliment the displays… seeing as some of them have reportedly left with a new man’s best friend to take home.

Source: TIME

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