WATCH: The Best Black Friday Fights and Chaos

Ah yes. Black Friday. The day after the day where we give thanks for all of things we're thankful for, we toss that right out the window and beat the snot out of each other for 25% off that breadmaker that we'll never use. 

This isn't just an American tradition anymore. Black Friday fights and chaos have spread around the world! 

Like from Port Elizabeth, South Africa! 


This gem is from a store in Namibia where an absolute stampede occurred. 


This one is from a Walmart. Not video but a pic that captures the essence that is Black Friday. 


Things got out of hand at a Walmart in South Carolina. 


Chattanooga, Tennessee got crazy!


LADBible put together a video with Black Friday chaos from the U.K., South America, USA and more. 


And finally...Canada. Black Friday is absolute madness with those Canadians!   

Keith and Tony


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