Portland Comes To Agreement To Build MLB Stadium


The city of Portland may not have an MLB team, but they got one step closer yesterday.

Because they are about to get an MLB Stadium.

The Portland Diamond Project announced on yesterday it had signed an agreement with the Port of Portland to develop the area and build a stadium.

So, the logical next question is who would play there?

The first two teams that leap to mind would be the Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays who currently play in well, let’s just say it’s a word our president has used to describe some third world countries.

If they can’t fix their current stadium situations, I would imagine these teams would make the move—or at least use the possibility of one to speed up the process of fixing those stadiums.

If the A's and Rays aren't options, MLB Commish Rob Manfred has talked recently about wanting MLB to add two new teams to become a 32-team league. Then, similar to the NFL, it would have eight, four-team divisions.

Portland was one of six cities (along with Las Vegas, Charlotte, Nashville, Montreal and Vancouver) listed as possible destinations. Certainly, having a stadium would be a huge leg up for any city. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has even championed the cause.

Source: Sportsnaut

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