Colt McCoy Fractures Right Fibula, Out For Year


Wow not sure if it has anything to do with some ancient tribal curse against the Washington redskins about not changing their name, but it seems the position of leader on the team—the quarterback—has a hex on it.

Because for the second time in three games, the Redskins lost their starting QB to a broken leg injury that was not easy to look at.

Although, considering how bad Alex Smith’s injury was, this footage of the fracture to his replacement Colt McCoy’s leg will look like a walk through the park.

Although McCoy won’t be walking through the park or anywhere for a while as tests revealed he has a fractured right fibula and will be lost for the season.

Coach Jay Gruden told ESPN’s Lisa Salters during the second half of last night’s game it was “heartbreaking” and “devastating.”

And speaking of those two adjectives, the current starting QB for the Skins right now is Mark Sanchez.

Meaning the playoffs are all but lost.

Source: NBC Sports

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