Cleveland PD: NFL Rep Given Hunt Police Report Under Table In Feb.

In another installment of the continuing back-and-forth over who knew what and when about Kareem Hunt’s assault—the one where he kicked the girl in February incidentally, not the other two that have since surfaced—comes this disturbing admission form a member of the Cleveland PD.

The Cleveland Division of Police released a statement Tuesday stating that an NFL representative had been given the police report concerning the assault in February, the same month it occurred.

The NFL rep was reportedly given the report through unofficial channels, leaving no record of an official public records request. The police also state that they are conducting an internal review into their response to the Hunt incident.

This news comes out a day after a report that the NFL did not formally request a copy of the infamous video of Hunt shoving and kicking a young woman in a Cleveland hotel until November 30, the day TMZ published the video.

If the league obtained the police report concerning Hunt through back channels, that probably strengthens the idea that they attempted to get the video in such a way as well. This would also explain why there was no reportedly official record of the NFL requesting the police report on Hunt until after the video emerged.

Because, if the league made an official request, well that means open record laws would allow news organizations to see records of such requests.

And the NFL would have to admit—well, what they are getting caught for not admitting now.

Thing is, Hunt is going to suffer the most as the more this unravels, the more they will be forced to make an example of him.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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