#GoodNews: These Retired Grandpas Snuggle Sick Babies For Fun


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is fortunate to have two amazing volunteers spend time there every week. They’re a pair of retired grandfathers who like using their free time to hold sick babies at the hospital.

Tom Umstead has been volunteering at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for 20 years now. He spends his time there holding babies, reading to sick kids and listening when family members need to talk. Everyone’s happy to see him walk in the door and he’s even happier to be there.

And in the neonatal intensive care unit, where patients are so small they’re often measures in grams instead of pounds, you can often find Dave Deutschman. This grandfather has been volunteering here for 13 years, holding the tiniest patients when their family members can’t be there to do it themselves. He loves his volunteering gig and tells friends who ask what he does there, “I hold babies. I get peed on, get puked on. It’s terrific.”

Source: Today

Keith and Tony


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