“Hi-Tech Robot” Praised On TV Turns Out To Be Man In Suit


A “hi-tech robot” was recently featured on a Russian television show covering a robotics forum. The show boasted that “Robot Boris has already learned to dance and he’s not that bad.” But it turns out it wasn’t a robot at all, but a guy in a robot costume.

After the broadcast, where the "robot" showed off its dance moves and even spoke in a robotic voice, bloggers with a keen eye pointed out some flaws. They noticed the so-called robot didn’t have any “external sensors,” and its dance moves had a lot of “unnecessary movements” that seemed off. Then, event photographers posted photos of the “robot” on Twitter that showed a neckline visible through an opening in the suit.

Eventually, it was revealed that the robot was an “Alyosha the robot” costume made by the company Show Robots. While it’s definitely “hi-tech” and expensive, too, it’s just a guy in a costume that’s made to create the “near total illusion that before you stands a real robot.” The channel hosting the broadcast has apologized for the fake report.

Source: The Guardian

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